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Electronic transformer business "sniper" LED Power Supply

Publishers: Long Electronic Technology   Time:2014-11-13 11:48:35

China's LED industry started in the 1970s, after 30 years of development, China's LED industry has initially formed a relatively complete industrial including LED epitaxial wafers, LED chips preparation, LED chip packaging and LED product applications, including chain. In LED products, LED lighting by virtue of its energy-saving, environmental protection has become the trend of globalization advantages. In recent years, with the support of national policies, the market value of the LED lighting industry, showing explosive growth, as a key component of LED LED lighting drive power industry, but also ushered in a natural development.

         However, the development owned development, LED drive power industry still has many problems, such as confusion in the market, there is a disorderly competition, product homogeneity serious overcapacity, etc., which have led to the rapid development of the sectors expected a few years ago, there the "accident." In fact, a development of the industry, more or less with some unfavorable factors, but no matter what the current status quo, LED drive power industry development prospects will be the test of time very quickly.

1.LED drive power market situation analysis
Because LED lighting with energy-saving, environmental protection obvious advantages, are actively promoting the global LED lighting industry forward. In the global LED lighting to enhance the value of penetration, while, in fact, led to the development of LED driver power supply industry.

1.1 LED lighting led to the rapid development of LED Power Supply
As LED technology continues to break industry, greatly enhance its price decline, applications to expand and permeability, LED products increasingly open market.

From a global perspective, LED lights has become the trend of globalization, countries around the world to formulate relevant policies to support LED lighting, and actively promote the development of LED lighting industry. It is reported that, in Europe, America and Japan and other developed areas, has basically been the popularity of LED lights. From a domestic perspective, 2008 is mainly used in our application of LED demonstration lights, solar LED, LED full color display screen, landscape lighting, consumer electronics, LED backlight and other applications, had more than 45 billion yuan output value. For the period 2009 to 2010 the LED industry booming, China is not only investing in the sector increased significantly, but technically achieve a certain degree of breakthrough. Especially high-power LED drive power LED lights in demand, driven by the growth momentum was leaping.

GIL, according to market research statistics show that in 2011 China produced 680,000 LED lights (excluding tunnel lights), an increase of 58%, including LED lights installed capacity of 530,000 (excluding tunnel lights), an increase of 51.4%. If you include tunnel lights installed capacity of 190,000, then the LED power last year, the total installed power LED lights for more than 70 million units, if the price of 1000-2000 yuan per lamp calculation, the market size of 1.05 billion yuan about. On this basis, plus subway lighting, underground parking lot lighting and gas stations and other high-power LED power supply installation, in 2011 the entire market size of about 13 billion yuan.

It was suggested that 2012 is a crucial year for the development of LED lighting. Analysis of relevant research institutions in the EU this year a total ban on sales of incandescent, LED bulbs global demand by 2011 of 596 million, a substantial increase to 2013 of 2.5 billion. In addition to ordinary families outside lighting, LED lights use in other areas have been continuously extended, according to the study of third-party research firm pointed out that in 2020, the car headlights and daytime running lights market share of the global LED lights by 2011 the ratio will be 13% to 34%. The agency analysis, in 2012 the global LED architectural lighting market size will exceed $ 3 billion, accounting for the overall LED lighting market share of about 29%.

While LED lighting development, must also promote the development of LED drive power LED and other industries. Relevant sector is expected in 2013 the number of LED drive power will reach 700 million units, the market size will expand to 1.75 billion.

LED drive power
1.2 LED drive current status quo power industry
Many people think that, although the development of LED industry is unstable, but certainly LED direction indicator of future development, so most companies are holding an optimistic attitude to follow the pace of development of LED industry, rather than walking in the front, making the LED industry era beach-goers, leading the LED industry forward progress. Thus, we will be able to understand why the current LED driver power supply industry will be so many vicious price competition, homogenization, products and other undesirable phenomenon of cohabitation.

Guangzhou 9 Dover Electric Co. Yuan Yuxiang technical director, said: "LED power indicator is no uniform products, production overcapacity, we call this country the production of 'rush'."

"At present, there is no measurable LED power products unified standard, a lot of people do chaos," aimed 张毅民 general manager of commercial lighting power supply company in the world out there is no uniform standard for products that "protest."

Tamura Enterprise Management Ltd. Mr. Shao Geliang expressed concern about the existence of negative phenomena LED power supply, he said, the power LED technology itself is not difficult, anyone can do, so we should pay attention when a problem is the product of poor quality and the price is very low, it would supply a lot of problems in terms of reliability and longevity.

Indeed, due to the technical threshold LED power industry is not high, so businesses have to rush to the cost of low price, so it led to confusion in the market, product specifications are not unified, the industry did not form standards, vicious price competition series problems, and ultimately the greatest harm is not able to develop the major power supply manufacturers to produce more quality products. So many people called on the government or industry to develop standards as soon as possible, to maintain order, suppress the spread of the malignant state of affairs, so that the power industry can be healthy and steady development.

In the development of LED power, LED power supply modular and intelligent also caused a lot of people's hot. In fact, the modular package refers to the use of standardized, industrialization, to reduce costs through innovative technologies, processes, etc., to achieve large-scale manufacturing. The intelligence generally refers to the brightness of the lamp can be adjusted and controlled lights off.

For modular and intelligent questions, but it is held by each of the various views. 张毅民 mainly for commercial lighting, general manager of power in the field of world Ming Power Co., said, LED modular power costs will be lower in the future, intelligent to meet the needs of people's lives, such as dimmers, thermostats, etc. Skyworth involves lighting of indoor and outdoor lighting, industrial Chen says, modular and intelligent lighting is a common trend in the future of this development for the entire LED lights favorable for the better. Like cell phone chargers, as if common kind is very good good change of control. And later intelligence, better advantage of the LED.

Mr. Ming technology world 伍小春 said modular mainly for large lights, tunnel lights, etc., and these lights are mainly used in hotels, highways, commercial LED lighting so little advantage, but less obvious advantages for commercial lighting . When asked about the impact on the LED power industry, the impact on the entire industry 伍小春 say not too great, because it is mainly used in some special occasions, with a few places, actually use more of all household.

9 Dover Electric Co. Yuan, director of the view that the current meaning of intelligence is not great because of our contemporary living standards has not yet reached a certain height, intelligence is not very practical. If it is a large hotel, the intelligent use of large hotels or feasible, but if you are using an average family of intelligent lighting and general public places such as on very realistic, because the total cost is more expensive. But for modular, he said: "Modular is feasible, but the country can not keep standardized, modular each enterprise has its own standards, but not the same as we support each application as a big business can be modular. because the modular lower cost. "

2. Indirect favorable policies to promote the development of LED lighting LED power industry
World Environment Day at the General Assembly in 2012, the World Health Organization, the economical use of resources and to protect the global environment, has been pressing. Therefore, in the lighting field, has a unique advantage in terms of energy saving LED lights to replace incandescent and fluorescent energy greater become an inevitable trend.

Domestic LED lighting industry to achieve rapid development is mainly due to the strong support of national policy. Last year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other government departments jointly issued "on the progressive ban on the import and sale of general lighting incandescent Notice" for the development of LED lighting industry provides a large market space. "Announcement" a clear roadmap for China to phase out incandescent light is divided into five stages:

November 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012 for the transition period;
Since October 1, 2012 banned the import and sale of 100 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting;
Since October 1, 2014 banned the import and sale of 60 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting;
October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016 for the mid-term evaluation period;
Since October 1, 2016 banned the import and sale of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting, or, as the mid-term evaluation results to adjust.

This means that the future will gradually withdraw from the market incandescent, and LED lighting market will usher in a warming phase, but also indirectly promote the rapid development of LED power industry.

This year, a steady stream of good policy LED lighting, first published May 7 Science and Technology, "semiconductor lighting technology development," second five "special plan" put forward in 2015, the semiconductor lighting industry reached 500 billion yuan, accounting for semiconductor lighting products general lighting market share reached 30% of the specific objectives. Also on May 16, the State Council executive meeting, "the state's basic public service system," second five "plan", decided to arrange 2.2 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps. There May 30, the State Council executive meeting adopted the "" five "national strategic emerging industry development plan" for energy saving and environmental protection industry, a new generation of information technology industry, biological industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry and other seven industries clear the direction of development.

Not only good policy attention LED lighting industry, LED lighting products, financial subsidies to promote the work is carried out very quickly. August 2012, semiconductor lighting products 2012/2013 financial subsidies to promote the project by the Ministry of Economic Construction Department, the National Development and Reform Commission and other government departments to carry out their bidding and finalists results came across only a week, including 39 companies , 183 models list. The financial subsidies to promote the project primarily outdoor lighting products -LED lights, LED tunnel lights, indoor lighting products -LED lamp, reflective self-ballasted LED lights.

The financial subsidies to promote the project, not only for the LED lighting industry, a new reference standards, but also to promote the LED lighting industry's progress, but it also promoted indirect LED drive power industry development.

3. The magnetic element driving power source in the role LED
Maybe a lot of people do not understand the LED drive power, LED drive power actually refers to the power supply voltage is converted to a specific current to drive the LED light voltage converter. LED drive power is a key part of the LED lamps, its importance is equivalent to a person's heart.

When a reporter asked the traditional power LED drive power required for the difference between magnetic components, Wang Jiasheng lighting engineer, said, LED drive power required for the main components of magnetic transformers, common mode inductors, power inductors, etc. These Yuan quality requirements of the device will be higher than traditional power, because the LED lights require temperatures higher than normal light. He said the power play in the role of transformer transformer inductance is to solve the problem of EMI, so the magnetic component is very important, basic accounts for between 1/4 to 1/5 of the entire power supply. When it comes to domestic and foreign LED driver power supply gap, he pointed out the domestic and international LED drive power LED drive power, although there are some gaps, but are also a good. The gap will be relatively large magnetic components, specific gap is reflected in the stability, power, loss, etc., he felt that the key is the core technology is lacking. Hope that the domestic component manufacturers to improve quality, to catch up with foreign technology as soon as possible.

World Technology Co., Ltd. Ming Wu executives believe that the role played by the magnetic component is mainly reflected in terms of power conversion, LED drive power in each circuit board at least two components, will reach more than five or six, or even seven, 8, he said the general LED power supply will be larger than conventional magnetic element usage. On or about 30% of the cost ratio. As for the impact of the power LED industry will produce magnetic components, he said technology would would transformers, inductors and other magnetic components, higher demands, he felt that the requirements of the magnetic elements on the main transformer, transformer core requirements will be higher because of their work environment at relatively high temperatures, and in terms of the difference is not very significant inductance.

As for how to choose LED drive power, 袁裕祥 nine Buddhist electrical director, said LED drive power abroad more thorough study, each product has a good match, so the stability of the international brand power is better, but the addition of other almost all aspects. Skyworth Lighting Chen total workers have a different opinion, he said, can not arbitrarily that the international brand is good, domestic brands is not good. The key lies in the quality of corporate knowledge and the control. Only good quality control, in order to meet basic standards. Although the price is too high because of international brands, domestic suppliers have a competitive advantage in terms of price, but vendors have to have a certain perception of quality, especially to have a sense of quality.

  Purchasing power for the LED driver and magnetic components, Wang Jiasheng lighting engineer, said GAIN use products are famous brand, such as elegance domestic and foreign, such as rubies and TDK. When a reporter asked what the product will raise new demands, he said that as long as choose their own product enough.

Zhang Ming, general manager of the world also brings power purchase advice, he said, "Specifically, we will carry out the requirements of magnetic ratio, mainly to see whether the impact on power remains constant." He pointed out that the domestic components business in general are not willing to do to improve the investment products, so the quality of the product or the traditional range. He hoped that the industries and enterprises able to do cost-effective products, only better in order to better match the development of the industry.

  Wu Xiaochun director, said that the technology world, the world that the technology requirements for product performance control parameter error within plus or minus 5%,

  Turning to the issue of components to improve, he said the core is good, the volume will be able to do little, well, transformers, inductors and other magnetic components is critical to optimize the core, improve core density, parameters and other requirements.

The industry insiders view of the LED power industry development
Many LED industry pointed out that the domestic LED lighting market has great potential, once the real start, will drive the industry re-entered the business cycle. The development of LED lighting industry will inevitably bring about the growth of the LED drive power industry forward, but many industry sources said, in recent years, the state LED lighting industry better than forecast as good, so natural LED drive power industry development speed will have some fluctuations. So, of course, appeared as the main provider of LED power transformer electronic NTK director Chen said: "I saw several years of development of LED industry, but still not clear, the current status quo in previous years and a little predictable the difference is not so good forecast, in terms of power, there is no doubt the trend towards LED direction, but the speed should not so fast. "
   LED driver for the development of the power industry, Tamura Enterprise Management Ltd. Mr. Shao Geliang told reporters two years ago, LED drive power industry has a very large growth, but now every business should have a rather awkward, the recent development situation is not very good . But he believes that in the future will certainly be the size of the LED drive power is growing, because he felt that after two or three years, the market size of LED lights will become increasingly large, and will lead to the LED drive power scale. Liu Jianhua, general manager of the main production of transformers, inductors and other components of the electronic health Waldorf also expressed his views, he said LED drive power after promising prospect, but he believes the current development of the industry is very unstable, because the market is too miscellaneous too messy.

  Just this year, "the state's basic public service system," second five "plan" study to determine the policies and measures to promote energy-efficient appliances and other consumer products, the meeting decided to arrange financial subsidies to 2.2 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps. The impact of this policy on the LED lighting industry and LED drive power industry, Chen Chi optional electronic road supervisor position, the government will have a positive impact on the investment, which also shows the government's attitude to go in this direction to develop LED . However, estimates of the impact of the LED power industry will be smaller, it is only an indirect role. Because LED drive power LED lamps mainly accounted for about 20% of the cost, while the cost of LED lamps, mainly in terms of lamp beads, so its impact will be even greater. Even the government to subsidize energy saving LED lights, largely subsidized lamp beads, very little power subsidies, so the impact on the power supply is not so great.

  Liu Jianhua pointed out that Wal-Mart in electronic financial subsidies to look into the specific areas of R & D or other aspects, another example is the investment performance or appearance, etc., if not power-related direction, naturally their little effect. Shao and Tamura's standing another perspective, the impact of subsidies on the LED power industry is the biggest will encourage more people to join the industry, he said the country is currently the most important issue of overcapacity, and now the country too development of the industry, stimulate excessive production capacity is not necessarily a good thing. Currently, the most important driving force should be used more to improve the quality of LED power supply products, application lifetime, as well as to ensure the comprehensive cost LED lights above the current high price of LED lights, if they can be reduced in terms of cost, would be a good thing.

  The so-called inter-related, when the LED lighting market launch, will inevitably bring about the development of LED driver power supply, while the LED drive power development must also promote the development of their required electronic transformers, inductors and other components industry. For the development of the LED power industry are expected to affect the magnetic component industry, the industry also voiced their views. NTK Electronics Co. 陈昌玉 said: "LED driver power supply main magnetic components industry will bring more positive impact, will certainly promote the development of magnetic components industry and promote its technology constantly updated."

  Tamura's Shao said, LED drive power will lead to the development of industrial-scale magnetic elements required for expanding, but to promote technical and other magnetic components progress is difficult to draw a conclusion. Because the magnetic material is difficult to progress in the technical aspects, but also difficult to form the core of several leading companies doing LED magnetic materials industry. He said thousands of families are doing now, every household wants, and applications of magnetic material is very complicated, so you can use three six five, without a quality standard, so this is actually the yield is increased but it is difficult to create benefits in terms of a conclusion. Shao convey their views, they also point out, he said that if the amount of perspective, with the development of lighting, LED power plant will be increased, while the amount of magnetic components required will increase, if we plus stimulus policies, the magnetic element will certainly grow more in demand. But the demand for bigger, not necessarily bigger profit enterprises, the key is to look at the quality of products, the core technology there are not competitive. Waldorf Jian Liu Jianhua, general manager of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a classic way Communication said:. "After saying rely on technology to eat." This means that the magnetic components industry, if you want to get better development, it is necessary in the technical difficulties down hard effort a.

  Even LED drive power industry in the initial stage of development has been idealized, the major companies are enthusiastic to give it a lot of expectations, but in reality, according to the current situation, we have to admit that the development of the industry is still quite stable. But regardless of how the status quo LED drive power industry, its direction is still the trend, and we believe that with the development of LED lighting industry and LED drivers continue to regulate the power market order, continue to regulate the industry standards, such as product differentiation continues to significantly other industries, such as LED drive power will usher in a new development, the market will be more open. In the LED drive power industry development, hope that the major electronic transformers, inductors and other magnetic components business, a positive view of the LED lighting market and good prospects for LED drive power substantial profit margins, steady grip pulse of the market, optimizing the core technology, the accumulation of sufficient experience, patiently waiting for the proper development time.

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