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Electronic transformer industry self-built R & D team fittest

Publishers: Long Electronic Technology   Time:2014/11/13 11:54:51

No technical advantage, simply imitate foreign technology, a fuss about the price, but companies continue to cut prices, resulting in reducing its ability to expand and improve services reproduction can not inject capital into energy to keep abreast of electronic transformer inductors customer demand, As for the market share occupied by the strength of the business, but also disrupt the order of the entire industry.

For equipment manufacturers transformer business needs and problems encountered, also derived from a growing number of enterprises to establish R & D team has its own equipment practice intentions. Survival of the fittest rules of the market have become effective measures to stimulate enterprises to forge ahead. Many of the companies have been in a passive personal experience to the "advantage" background conditions are gradually disappearing, they are actively studying the market trends in the development of high-end products up and down vigorously, adhere to independent innovation for many years with the development of high-end products on the basis of and ability. With their own strength and the introduction of the technical team to solve technical aftermarket low aging, lack of security of stability, to reduce the cost of inputs, the purpose of their products to meet the demand.

According to incomplete statistics, electronic transformers companies from nearly 4000 to adjust to the current more than 2,000. It should be noted that this adjustment is due to market competition generated fittest practice, to some extent contributed to the development and optimization of the industry.

Currently, the industry is still a lack of a strong organization with ties to integrate the advantages of resources, such as large-scale professional research units or core business. For this reason, there is a certain strength of the enterprise should be based on innovation. Want to remain undefeated in the market place, only through continuous learning, carefully study the current and potential customer demand, adding the maximum extent possible to meet customer needs and innovative technology, high-end industry initiative closer to customers advanced products, and then solve single disorder, to improve the mechanical versatility versatility. In order to have healthy and benign development. To lay a strong, stable foundation for the development of the future direction of the industry automation market.

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