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Guangdong held its first electronic transformer inductors Industry Association

Publishers: Long Electronic Technology   Time:2014/11/13 11:55:40

     Electronic transformers, inductors in plays an integral role in our daily lives, to our mobile phone small, energy-saving lamps, to our great appliance, automotive, aerospace, and so need to use. It is understood that Guangdong Province has established a variety of industries in many industry associations, and electronic transformers inductor industry as a basic industry, but did not belong to the establishment of the industry association, the healthy development of this industry is very unfavorable.

     Since China joined the WTO, many industries have achieved Industry Alliance, and industry coalition to deal with various crises. In recent years, with the expansion of the international economic crisis, China's electronic transformer inductors industry is also facing a downturn in varying degrees, in this unfavorable economic environment, since March 2011, a large number of well-known companies contacted bit start working Guangdong Province to carry out electronic transformer inductors industry Association sponsored the work.

     After actively preparing for more than a year, April 16, 2012, in support of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, the Association sponsor the successful convening of the Guangdong Electronic Transformer Inductors Industry Association sponsors a symposium in Guangzhou. Sponsor include: large bits of information Advertising Guangdong Development Co., Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd., Bo Luo Daxin Electronics Co., Ltd., Dongguan Mentech magneto-optical Co., Ltd., Guangdong l Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Boluo Jiasheng source Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, the new million new electronic Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City, Kwong Hing electronic Factory - South magnetic eight companies.

April 16 Association sponsors a forum site

Then, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant responsible person actively carry out preparatory work of the Association, the Association was established to carry out a series of requirements for data preparation, but also to carry out the first member of the development work, to the end of October a total of 60 members of the development of enterprises while the association was established procedural work has been completed.

The Association of November 2nd General Assembly convened for the first time, and a secret ballot will be considered by the Articles of Association; secret ballot election of the first session of the Council of the Association members, supervisors, president, vice president, secretary (elective system) ; planning work programs after the inaugural meeting of the Association held as soon as possible to carry out: First, the Association proposed organization set up programs, and second, specific issues such as reasonable elected staff associations.

Electronic Transformer Inductors Industry Association organized since been affirmed their support and participation in government-related businesses, as well as associations in the future have a significant mission, the Association will serve as Guangdong electronic transformer inductors service industries. Association will do the following four points, one, carry out market research, to enhance information communication and technology consulting work. Second, the internal implementation of trade associations can share resources, and maximize the use of resources, complementary advantages to achieve win-win situation. Third, the organization of electronic transformers inductor scientific and technological achievements and conduct electronic transformers and inductors production technology exchanges to promote new technologies, and promote the continuous improvement of Guangdong Province Electronic Transformer inductor technology industry. Fourth, will participate in the development of industry standards, and seriously implement the organization and supervision; lead the industry standardization, communication industry is not in place to avoid the adverse competitive, well-known companies to absorb the whole industry or related personnel known companies as consultants, and regularly these advanced business communication and become within the industry continue to improve and develop the strong backing.

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