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Electronic transformer market demand is stable thin small craft better

Publishers: Long Electronic Technology   Time:2014/11/13 11:48:08

Electronic transformer small, light weight, high efficiency, low cost, and therefore the application of traditional lighting is relatively common, fluorescent lights, lamps, lights, and other advertisements have electronic transformers figure.

Electronic transformer market stability

It is understood that China's electronic transformer market is basically in a stable state, due to electronic transformers are labor-intensive products, China's relatively low labor costs, the industry has not been hit, but has been further growth in exports. Last year, exports of electronic transformer close to 1.2 billion yuan, an increase of 2.66%.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2007 the production of electronic transformer factory near 3000, the annual sales revenue 25 billion yuan, up to hundreds of varieties of products, for all types of machine matching, has leapt to the production of one of the world's great powers electronic transformers. Electronic transformer for 60% of production to meet the needs of the international market, at present, the demand for consumer electronics products is becoming more stable, production slowed down the pace of development of electronic transformers; but the audio and video, office automation and communications, high-frequency electronic products the popularity and demand, the demand for high-frequency electronic transformer models will continue to grow.

New technology progress of local electronic transformers

Due to the continuous development of household appliances and electronic devices, the market demand for low-voltage electronic transformers is increasing. Traditional electronic transformer generally used in ordinary ferrite core, copper windings wound structure, relatively large size, the transfer efficiency is not high. However, with VLSI circuits and systems integration and miniaturization of components, pcb surface mount high-density trend, the market demand for miniaturization of electronic transformers warming.

In this respect, China's domestic manufacturers have made some progress, and related products began to use in all kinds of electronic products. With the application of new materials, new technology, domestic transformer manufacturing companies also continue to research and development of various forms of structure of a transformer, to meet different application needs of the market.

With the increasingly fierce market competition, foreign manufacturers to accelerate the layout in the Chinese market, China's domestic transformer manufacturers facing industrial upgrading and enhance research and development, manufacturing level of multiple pressures.

Predict the future trend of electronic transformers

Electronic Transformer trend: away from the traditional quality win

Future growth will accelerate China's electronic transformers. Electronic transformer for 60% of production to meet the needs of the international market, through the implementation of the "quality win" strategy, electronic transformers export has gradually formed climate, therefore, electronic transformer industry, improving technology and equipment. In recent years, micro-transformers and coils production, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and production lines, basically get rid of the status of manual operation, high production efficiency, product quality and stability and good consistency.

Electronic Transformer Trends: Product little more light

Electronic transformer technology development goal is a lightweight, high efficiency, high density, as technology advances and the development of microelectronics technology active components, the volume of electronic products is greatly reduced, weight is also greatly reduced market demand impetus including electronic transformer, including electronic components, parts to the light, thin, small direction, the production process ongoing electronic transformers a great change. Electronic transformer also being high-frequency, low-loss, light weight, small size and direction.


Changes in the production process is essential, the gradual increase in demand in the market situation, whether it is the domestic and international markets for the product will be more emphasis on performance and design for electronic transformer enterprises, should remain more time on product development, strengthen the sense of innovation, to make a correct judgment on the future market, long-term perspective planning of enterprise development.

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